28 December

my life in one song…

6 December
I'm tired for this world…
18 November
I do not know whether it was for whom нибудь such sense
That here live with parents, they tell you that is loved, but you nothing to them the same does not feel and simply lie
I know it it is strange
But when you are a teenager that does not have friends, on that all DEEPLY to spit, you live by only books and music, you hammer on school and spit on examinations
you understand that must understand with the dung, but it is sometimes desirable simply who to hug that and not release
To feel a heat next to itself
But he is not present
There is not this heat…
And you understand as far as you are useless…
Every day hearing insults from the side of class-mates, and screaming from the side of parents
you understand that can not with it do not line
And sit at night, write then what for you accumulated on the soul…
Some on facilities of pain find calming
In life always is one BUT
Where id est man that loves you and wants similarly to hug
At each he is…
Nobody will smuggle out of you from your problems while you will not begin to decide them…
12 November

From us two always the best were you
for it I you and loved

10 November

this is my mood…

18 October


Sigmund Freud said: "If you want to endure life - prepare to die"»
17 October
many people don't what to speak…
I'll do it here
I will write whatever comes to mind…
All thoughts, ideas, crazy fantasies and dreams…

Sadless. Xxx